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Revenue Management Medical Billing

Revenue Management Medical Billing Will:

  • FREE your time to focus on your patient

  • Get your hard-earned money into your bank account

  • Eliminate the frustration of being on hold with insurance companies

  • Cut your staffing cost, increasing your business's profitability

  • Make sure money keeps flowing INTO your practice...

  • Bullet-proof your practice from disruptive employee turnover

  • Convert fixed cost into variable costs...making your practice more resilient to pandemic shutdowns or other interruption

Why Outsource to Revenue Management Medical Billing?

Your staff is typically overwhelmed with other administrative responsibilities and most importantly, taking care of patients. Revenue Management Medical Billing is solely focused on medical billing. We have no other choice but to make medical billing our only priority.

Summary of Services

Electronic Aptitudes

Revenue Management Medical Billing, LLC is partnered with one of top ENACT Certified Clearing Houses to transmit medical claims electronically daily. Additionally, our software has the ability to verify patient eligibility electronically and check the status of unpaid medical claims.

Denial Management

Revenue Management Medical Billing, LLC has implemented processes to identify claim denials and work them efficiently. Revenue Management Medical Billing, LLC understands the importance of working claims denials on a daily basis and it is part of our daily routine.

Revenue Cycle Management

Identifying claim trends is an important part of Revenue Cycle Management and the Certified Professional Biller and Certified Revenue Cycle Associate  have the capability to identify and communicate these trends to the clients.

Charge Master Management

With the constant changes that occur with CPT codes and ICD-10 codes it is imperative to constantly manage the charges. The Bishop Agency, LLC has a specialist that stays up to date on the changes.


Revenue Management Medical Billing, LLC has a Credentialing Specialist dedicated to assisting healthcare providers become credentialed and contracted with insurance payers.

Other Services

Other Services that The Bishop Agency, LLC offers include: Payment Validation, Patient Statements, and Authorization Request.

Contact us today to see find out more about how we can help you!

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