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Revenue Management Medical Billing Education

Reasons to Enroll


  • A few reasons to enroll in this course are parallel to the AAPC’s reasons:

    • Revenue Management Medical Billing Education offers a variety of course options that include virtual and face to face lectures. 

    • This course offers a wealth of information that will be great for a medical coder looking to explore medical billing.

    • The coursework is designed for an adult learner.

    • The course is affordable compared to other medical billing courses and does not require core courses such as English and Algebra as a prerequisite. 

    • The instructor is able to work with you individually and answer questions. 

    • Successful completion will prepare you to take the CPB exam and prepare you for various scenarios that you will encounter in the workplace. 


  • Virtual Self Pace Course Option-Student will be allowed 4 months to complete the course work. Students will be able to submit questions to the instructor and have little instructor supervision. If the student does not complete the course work in 4 months, they can purchase an extension at an additional cost. 

  • Virtual Option with Live Lectures- Students will enroll in a 16-week course with a 2 hour live virtual class meeting weekly for lecture and class activities.

  • CPB Crash Course-Students will enroll in a 8-week course that provides an overview of concepts that will be covered on the CPB exam. 

Course Packages:

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Up Coming Live Courses

Live Instructor Lead Classes will begin July 2, 2022.

Self Study Courses will be available June 1, 2022.

School Information

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​​Course Requirements

  • Prior knowledge and/or successful completion of Anatomy, Medical Terminology, and Pathophysiology Course.

  • Medical Dictionary

Course Requirements:

Our Program

Revenue Management Medical Billing Education offers a medical billing course that provides the most up-to-date information relating to the health insurance industry and different reimbursement techniques for accurate claim submission. This course will prepare you to sit for the Certified Professional Billing Certification Exam offered by the AAPC.

We are approved partners with the American Academy of Processional Coder (AAPC).

You will have access to instructors with over 15 years of medical billing experience in the professional and institutional setting.

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